Dental Hygienist-Part Time

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Position Summary
A Dental Hygienist performs a variety of tasks for the assessment and treatment of oral and periodontal disease. A Dental Hygienist assists the doctor in documenting the current clinical condition and recommending treatment to provide the appropriate level of clinical care.
Typical Duties and Responsibilities
?Perform prophylaxes.
?Perform root planning.
?Apply sealants.
?Update patient health history and all required information.
?Dental charting existing restorations and missing teeth.
?Periodontal charting annually as PSR indicates.
?Placement of sub gingival medicaments as available.
?Take patient's blood pressure.
?Take x-rays.
?Take impressions for diagnostic models.
?Pouring of impressions.
?Presentation of initial findings and recommended periodontal treatment.
?Confidently answer patient questions regarding any necessary treatment.
?Enter treatment performed and treatment plans in the chart.
?Assist in recare scheduling.
?Disinfect operatory and sterilize instruments.
?Assist the Doctor, Dental Assistants and Front Desk Staff as needed.
?Give oral hygiene instructions and demonstrations to all patients.
?Polish dental restorations.
?Assist in the triage and treatment of emergency patients.
?Administer local anesthetic.
?All other duties as assigned.
Knowledge, Skills, Abilities
?Exceptional human relation skills.
?Ability to maintain outgoing, friendly attitude with patients and staff under pressure.
?Ability to work with interruptions and manage multiple priorities.
?Ability to meet schedule deadlines.
?Ability to work unsupervised.
?Computer skills.
?Hand scaling and polishing.
?Experience with Intra-oral camera, plasma arc curing light, electronic blood pressure cuff, ultrasonic scalers, autoclave, radiographic equipment.

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